Playing DSD files on MM4

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Re: Playing DSD files on MM4

Post by MMFrLife »

Wow, that's an impressive list. Thanks for posting as it will help others who are looking for DSD
support. Although, by "sketchy" and "catching on" I was referring to the "mass market" vs the "audiophile"
market, not so much quantity of program/service support. There are many programs/components/streaming services supporting it, but are enough people using DSD?

So, the question becomes, do the MM devs jump on the audiophile additions to the program as quickly as they
do the mainstream needs? This will determine how long it takes, if at all.
Ultimately, I don't see it natively. Maybe as part of a codec package or plug-in :) .
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Re: Playing DSD files on MM4

Post by Bananahead »

I suppose it depends on whether MM is market leading or following. And whether MM wants to be seen as fully featured.

As a starting point I would be happy for MM to recognise the format so that files appear in the catalogue and can be added to playlists.
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