Dropdown menus for Custom Fields

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Re: Dropdown menus for Custom Fields

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Peter Panino wrote:Options -> Appearance -> Custom Fields:

PLEASE let each Custom Field have its own drop-down menu and let the user configure these drop-down menus here!
What I'm hoping for is that a custom field will have autofill, exactly the same as in the Artist tag. So when I start to type a name in a custom field called 'Choir', MM will fill in a suggested Choir from the list of choirs I have already tagged in elsewhere.

AND I'd also like it very much if the "Original Artist" tag had the same autofill functionality. Can't see why this is not already the same as with Artist.
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Re: Dropdown menus for Custom Fields

Post by Davo »

For me auto complete is essential & the user should be able to determine which fields have it. It's quite difficult to maintain data standards without it & it's the reason i currently don't use these fields ie Involved people, custom fields etc
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Re: Dropdown menus for Custom Fields

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You might want to try Custom Fields Tagger: http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewto ... =2&t=58583
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