adding a new "type"

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Re: adding a new "type"

Post by Lowlander »

A few more default Types would be welcome. For example sync uses Type for destination, but now Movies doesn't have it's own Type so it shares it with Videos which can also mean home videos or any number of yet undefined video Types. I'd personally be happy with just the Movie Type being added and don't require other or custom Types.

I'd like Custom Rules more though. In my Library the different Types are in distinct folders so any ability to assign Type to files from a specific folder would enhance the experience of adding files to the Library.
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Re: adding a new "type"

Post by MMFrLife »

Lowlander wrote:I'd like Custom Rules more though. In my Library the different Types are in distinct folders so any ability to assign Type to files from a specific folder would enhance the experience of adding files to the Library.
Yes, rules to do it automatically by folder/path in the options where you set rules for the different types :)
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Re: adding a new "type"

Post by Kinsey »

Another Gold license owner requesting that either "Movie" be added as a type or that custom types be added!
This seemingly simple feature has been requested for years and y'all can't be bothered to listen and implement?

Re: adding a new "type"

Post by cowandgit »

Well here is an odd thing. Before I subscribed to Gold, just after I got the program I was fiddling around with it to see how it worked and somehow got up a type called Classical Music, which was just what I wanted for that section of my collection. So after that, I wanted to add types for other sorts of music, such as Folk, Soundtracks, Rock &c &c and can't do it.

Now I know that I can go in and tag all the tracks and set up criteria to make track lists and collections and whatnot, but I use this to subdivide different genres of music. I have about over 20 subdivisions just of Classical music, so I don't want to have every genre defined in this way.

So, yet again, someone is asking you PLEASE MAKE TYPES AN EDITABLE FIELD. The functionality of this sort of thing is why I forked out a not inconsequential sum of money for this program, when everything else I want a program for I can get for free. It's so stupid that a single thing like this spoils what is otherwise by far and away the best music playing software I have found. Don't make me think I should have saved my money and stuck with iPlayer or some other rubbish player - help a sad old git out.
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Re: adding a new "type"

Post by dtsig »

wouldn't it make more sense to use genre for that?
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Re: adding a new "type"

Post by Martin Gay »

I also would like to be able to edit TYPE. I have quite a few Heavy music artist that I would like easily separate/classify from the rest of the music, but still keep the specific genre associated to each song.
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Re: adding a new "type"

Post by Erwin Hanzl »

@Martin Gay

Variant 1) You use a "CustomField" or the field "Occasion". These fields are also suitable for multiple entries (Addon: CustomFieldTagger) and can be used in the column browser.

Variant 2)
create a folder using Windows-Explorer, for example "Musik_Heavy"
Close Windows-Explorer
Open MM
Include this new folder in Tools> Options> Library> FileMonitoring..Scan continuously.
Then "move" the desired music files into this folder.
I organized myself in this way and that is music that does not belong to my preferred taste (_MUSIK_ex).

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