Album Art Check/Verify Feature

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Album Art Check/Verify Feature

Post by rsagris » Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:23 pm

I very useful feature (for me at least) for large music collections/libraries is if there was a tool to automatically scrub your files to ensure the Album Art is consistent and properly tagged.

Specifically, the features I would find useful (using the already existing Artwork File Property) would be:

1. Verify all Image Type are of a specific size/resolution. Where you could scan all of your files to ensure all Album Covers are equal to, at least, or no bigger than 500x500 or 350x350 etc... And it would spit out all files that were not compliant, preferably in list with columns for easy sorting. This would have the dual use of verifying that all tracks have a specific type of Image Type without having to go through track by track (i.e. verify that all tracks have a back cover image.)

2. Verify that Image Type is embedded and/or a folder.jpg is present. This would help to make sure all tracks are consistent. I've found that some programs don't handle embedded album art properly when trans-coding and require that a folder.jpg be present and vice verse.

That's pretty much it for this feature request.

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Re: Album Art Check/Verify Feature

Post by nohitter151 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:11 pm

You can already achieve both with scripts/addons.

1: ... ustom+size

2: ... sistencies

Both work fine in MM4.
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