Track Number Editing Tool

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Track Number Editing Tool

Post by rsagris » Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:36 pm

This tool would allow the easy and quick manipulation of the track number tag.

Track Numbering is an area that is very tedious, often involving track by track manipulation.

A tool/dialogue box, that permits the following features would be very, very convenient.

1. Scrub track numbers: Some tool that permits all track numbers to have the same format, specifically be able to strip out all track "5 of 13" and just leave track "5" or insert the ""5 of 13" to all tracks if the user highlights "13" tracks.

2. Mass renumbering: A tool that allows someone to highlight a range of track (and add other tracks similar to a playlist) and drag and drop files in order on this "track number" list and then renumber all tracks based on where they are in this list. This would be most useful if someone was make a mix tape and without having to go track by track tagging in the format "track 5" or "track 5 of 13" as an option.

Maybe restrict this feature to all files being in the same directory, or something, but I don't think that would necessarily be required. I'll leave that to the developers.

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Re: Track Number Editing Tool

Post by nohitter151 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:13 pm

1. ... ding+zeros

2. There's a script already included in MM to do exactly that. Tools > Scripts > Auto-increment track#s
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