Photoshop/Dreamweaver-like dockable windows

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Photoshop/Dreamweaver-like dockable windows

Post by dolf-volkoff »

Lately I was using photoshop while listening to some music in Mediamonkey. And then an observation came to my attention - Mediamonkey and photoshop windows have a very similar structure (namely they both have very flexible dockable windows). So I thought it would be really useful to make Mediamonkey dockable windows' behavior to be more like those in photoshop.

I talk about grouping and minimizing/maximizing (on double click) dockable windows. These features would allow to further improve flexibility of the program's interface.

It would also save a lot of space for those of us who use add-ons. For example: I would group "Now Playing" with a good synched-lyrics add-on (if Mediamonkey had one except Inline Lyrics) and switch between them when I need to. This way both windows would use the same space and wouldn't hurt the placing of other dockable windows.

Minimizing dockable windows you work with but not using at the moment is also a very good and useful feature.

I do believe this wouldn't be too hard for Mediamonkey developers to pull off.