Deleting tracks and affect on playlists

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Deleting tracks and affect on playlists

Post by mrbucket »

Sometimes you get a better version of a track (eg flac) so you delete the old (eg mp3).
If that old track is in a playlist, I'd love MM to tell me so. eg...

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The track(s) you're about to delete is in the following playlists. Are you sure you want to delete it/them?
- oldies but goodies
- fred's faves
Maybe the search scope setting (it button with magnifying glass icon, with options ... file list, entire library, music) could have a 'playlists' option, so MM can show which playlists the matched tracks are in.

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Re: Deleting tracks and affect on playlists

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Which Playlists a file belongs to is shown in the Classification tab of the Properties dialog.

If you're replacing old with new copies use: ... +duplicate as it can also replace the files on Playlists.
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