Ability to Start in the Tray

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Ability to Start in the Tray

Post by mattd850 »

I saw this issue on the bugs list, where a user attempted to edit a shortcut (start minimized) with the option to minimize to tray selected in options. The answer to the question (1-2 years later?) was "this is possible." In the end, I believe he wanted what I want, which is the ability to simply start the program in the tray area, similar to how a chat client would start up. Or you could fix it so the service actually works! I'm not sure what the service does (other than take up resources), but I know what it doesn't do (start UPnP/DLNA and syncing options to mobile devices).
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Re: Ability to Start in the Tray

Post by Lowlander »

a) You can run MediaMonkey as Service.
b) I believe if you close MM from tray that it starts in tray (not 100% sure).
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