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[SOLVED] Export and Import Autoplaylist by command line

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:07 pm
by MusicLover1965
Hi there,
Apologies if this has already been asked but I can't see it anywhere. Is there currently (if not are there any plans to be able to) any way to Export or Import (Create) auto playlists by command line?
I'm a Gold MM user and make extensive use of Auto playlists using various fields. Often if I create a new category for my playlists I have to create several new auto playlists to cover all the options. This would be a lot easier if nesting a playlist under another auto inherited it's features but I can also see the opposing view as to why it's better just to group them that way.
So for example, if I create a new auto playlist with songs of a certain Genre by year, I would have to create a new auto playlist for each year. If it where possible to Export one to file, it would be very easy to create a set of commands to create all these via script.
Love the product though

Re: Export and Import Autoplaylist by command line

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 10:13 am
by Peke
You can simply right click on Playlist and use Copy/Paste to create identical one, that you can edit to your needs.

Hint: If you paste Playlist on existing Playlist it will create sub Playlist so basically you can Create Static Playlist (or even AutoPlaylist) Named "Genre by Year" and then Paste Number of Auto Playlists as subplaylists to mat things more organized.

Re: Export and Import Autoplaylist by command line

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:03 pm
by MusicLover1965
Hi Pavle,

Thanks for the response, yes was aware of the copy an paste (as well as Ctrl + Drag and drop) and that this can do some of the work by creating an exact copy but in every case the copy needs to be amended.

I've done most of the auto playlists I need now but even using the techniques above it's taken far longer than a scripted process plus I hope the MMDB never crashes and I have to do it all again.

I can understand why you wouldn't want people to edit the MMDB directly though :D


Re: [SOLVED] Export and Import Autoplaylist by command line

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:59 am
by Lowlander
AutoPlaylists don't use values in the database, instead it uses the ID for those values. This would be different ID's in a different database which is why import/export of AutoPlaylists hasn't been done.

You should backup the database once in a while (MM5 can do this automatically): ... ey-library

You can take the database with you: ... w_computer

You can edit the database file directly, it's an SQLite database: ... .db+sqlite