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Play Time Settings

Post by MonkeyC2 » Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:24 am

Play time setting that works with crossfade. I have been using "SongPreviewer 1.1", but it overrides the crossfade from media monkey.

1) Would like to be able to set the play time length manually for all song in the "now playing list" . For example, to play all songs for [02 min 35 secs] or for [01 min 55 seconds]. As a plus, percentage of the song length would be nice too (80% of the song, 50% of the song, etc).

2) Another thing that would be a nice option would be to be able to set manually a start time for all songs in the "now playing list". For example, to start all songs [01 min 15 seconds] or [00 min 25 seconds] from the beginning. A bonus would be to have a stop playing all songs from the end lenght time. For example, [00 min 10 sec] or [01 min 05 secs] from the length time of the song. Essentially this last paragraph is what "SongPreviewer 1.1" does, but tends to be a bit confusing when changing the settings, and like I mention before, it does not work with the crossfade.