Am I the only one who wants Drag n Drop importing?

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Am I the only one who wants Drag n Drop importing?

Post by bmilner »

Just curious why this feature hasn't been added yet -> Drag n Drop importing.

USE CASE: Your friend sends you an Mp3 (or you download it), you drag it onto the UI, it gets imported into the library. From there you edit the Id3 tag info and press ctrl-R to move it to the correct location on your drive. I do this CONSTANTLY and it works in every other major management software (iTunes, WMP, RealPlayer, Rhapsody).

Currently you have to open the file -> import dialog and browse all over the place to find it = pain in butt.

Just curious to know if I was the only one who is missing this feature from the new betas?
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Post by trixmoto »

You're not the only one. However, there are lots of items on the wishlist so we'll have to be patient.
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Post by Nebbin »

You could always have a single directory for new music and just import that constantly (saves having to always browse somewhere new) or just add it to file monitor. Then you could do the same as you previously suggested - using Auto-Organise to relocate the file to the correct place.

You can still drag and drop into the "Now Playing" window and thus edit the tags and even use Reorganise - but it's not added to the library. Personally I'd prefer it that way. I am always previewing songs and would hate to have to then go back and delete them all from the library afterwards.

I suppose if the songs were treated differently depending upon where they were dragged to it may work... ie. Dragged to "Now Playing" and they don't get added; dragged to library window and they do.
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Post by Lowlander »

I'd prefer MediaMonkey not auto-adding songs. But of course MediaMonkey could have options for what to do when songs are added thru drag & drop and open with MediaMonkey. Options could be to only play (or add to now playing) or to also add the file to the library or an option to prompt each time.
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Post by Steegy »

The ability to add files to the library by drag&drop would be nice, but my only question is "where would you drop them to?".

Clarification of the question:
To add the files to your library, the normal (and logical) use would be to drag them to the "library" tree node.
Maybe you would also want the files to be added when you drop them on the tracklist (for whatever node is opened), but this may be very unlogical. E.g. you would drop all your files-to-add in the "ABBA" artist view, but these entries don't belong there, and wouldn't be shown there. (That's why I would like an optional confirmation dialog too). Maybe people would think that dropping all tracks in the "ABBA" artist view would change the artist tags for these files to "ABBA". (like this is in MediaMonkey's internal drag&drop behaviour)
This is of course another GUI usability question... open for discussion, people.

Another possibility would be to be able to drop anywhere on the MediaMonkey form (the main panel of MM where everything is put on), with a confirmation/choice (play, add, ...) box.

Dropping on the "library" tree node seems the most logical thing to do for me, but this can be bothersome because that node is mostly out-of-view.
And I would like a confirmation box, to avoid accidental drops, but certainly to acknowledge that files will be imported.

Until external drag&drop is implemented, you can use the AddToLibrary script ( ... 0499#20499 ) like I've successfully been doing since I got MM.
You just have to drag&drop your files on the now playing list (or the player, if you want immediate playback). Then select these files, right click and choose "Add to library".

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Post by abrazor »

Good explanation, Steegy.
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Post by ReverendEntity »

I just wanted to add my recommendation for this feature as well.
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Post by jray14 »

I would love to have drag-n-drop importing too!
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