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Re: MP3 Splitter

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I was just looking for a split feature in MediaMonkey and ran across this thread, here's another vote for this feature to be added to core product. Thanks for the scripts for the time being.
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Re: MP3 Splitter

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Shrikant if you are still alive please share your vbs, many people like me are searching this option .
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Steegy wrote:Ahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Finally found (back) what I was looking for: mp3DirectCut ( )

Small & fast (not in Java :D)
It only supports mp3 (all layers, so also mp2).

Install it to folder "C:\Program Files\mp3DirectCut" and use the following Auto-script from within MediaMonkey
(how to install scripts?: ... artlang=en )

Mp3Splitter.vbs (for the Scripts\Auto folder):

Code: Select all

Option Explicit

Sub onStartUp 

   Dim CMIArray
   CMIArray = Array(SDB.UI.Menu_Pop_TrackList, SDB.UI.Menu_Pop_NP, SDB.UI.Menu_Pop_Tree)
   Dim i, MI
   For i = 0 To UBound(CMIArray)
	  SDB.UI.AddMenuItemSep CMIArray(i), 0, 0
	  Set MI = SDB.UI.AddMenuItem(CMIArray(i), 0, 0) 
	  MI.Caption = "Split this mp3"
	  MI.OnClickFunc = "RunSplitter" 
	  MI.UseScript = Script.ScriptPath 
	  MI.IconIndex = 38

End Sub 

Function RunSplitter(arg) 

  Dim WShell, Result, Command

  Command = """C:\Program Files\mp3DirectCut\mp3DirectCut.exe"" " & SDB.SelectedSongList.Item(0).Path 

  Set WShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
  Result = WShell.Run(Command, 1, 0)

End Function 
It adds "Cut this mp3" to the track's context menu.

mp3splt is kind of big and slow, but might be the alternative if mp3DirectCut is not good enough. mp3splt gui doesn't seem to take any command line options.

Other program suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for sharing this script. I have the MM 4.1 release and I cannot get it to work. The install script link you have seems to have expired so I cannot see it. I installed this in the Auto directory but it does not add to a menu and does not run if I try to manually add it to scripts.ini. Can you help?
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