Standard rating tags

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Standard rating tags

Post by alphaex32 »

I was really hoping that tags would be standardized in MM3. I use foobar for playing music, and MM for organizing it, but unfortunately I cant use MM ratings or classification tags with foobar. Other applications also seem to ignore some MM tags, such as mp3tag, WMP, etc. In the future could there maybe be a compatibility mode so that ratings and other standard MM tags would be compliant with other applications?
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Post by Lowlander »

Assuming that you tried MM3 Alpha 1, it isn't feature complete so things might change.
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Re: Standard rating tags

Post by chrisjj »

MM read/writes WMA Rating as a tag called "SDB/Rating" rather than the one that WMP, mp3tag etc recognise as Rating.

Why? Dunno! ;)
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Post by vulcan »

chrisjj is right.

There is another thread on the same topic here: