autoplaylist isssue

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autoplaylist isssue

Post by gatergrotto »

I have been looking through the form about 3.020 testing and did not see any issues with this so it maybe just me. It definately would not be the first time. When I am doing a autoplaylist for anything but any text field it will not find anything in the database. example would be if I look for 2005 will find it with any text field selected but if i select year and then type in 2005 nothing showing...
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Post by alanl »

I have a similar, possibly related, problem in MM3 A3.
If I set up an autoplaylist to filter for Genre=Podcast this works as expected.
If I then add Played#=0, then only one podcast shows even though none of them have been played.
If I then open the Properties for one of the "hidden" podcasts and immediately OK it again, it then shows in the autoplaylist. Bug?
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Post by Ludek »

Thank you, it is fixed in the next build.
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