MM3 A4: New DB format

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MM3 A4: New DB format

Post by judas »

"This alpha release uses a new DB format, upgrade is not possible, do you want to erase your current library"

Is there nothing that can be done to upgrade?
Cheers, judas
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Post by M3wThr33 »

Whoah-hoah. I saw this too. Thankfully I'm sure I can rescan without issue.

That changelist is HUGE for Alpha 4. I'll get right toward trying to break it again. ;)
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Post by jiri »

Since these are only alpha versions (i.e. for testing) we haven't found it useful enough to spend time on a writing an update for a relatively complex change, we rather spend it on other development. There will certainly be later developed an update from MM 2.5 to MM 3.0 DB.


Affect on 2.5

Post by Togan »


I am running MM3 in parallel with MM 2.x. Does this DB upgrade affect v2.x.

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Re: Affect on 2.5

Post by nojac »

Togan wrote:I am running MM3 in parallel with MM 2.x. Does this DB upgrade affect v2.x.
So do I. No, the upgrade only affects MM3.
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Post by snacks »

I just upgraded from Alpha 3 to Alpha 4 and I got the "Different DB" message... so i erased the data base, after saving the old one, when I tried to copy it into the new folder i got the same message? So Alpha 3 and 4 are using new DB's?
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Post by Steegy »

MM2 uses an Access database

MM3 uses an SQLite database
- Alpha versions 1 tot 3 were compatible with each other (same database structure)
- Alpha version 4 has a newer database structure, so you can't use the previous Alpha databases.
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Post by snacks »

Got it! Thanks.
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Post by BillieTheVision »

I just stumpled upon this message with the current Beta (which I wanted to tryout for the first time). Does this also mean my current 2.5 is erased or only previous Alpha databases? What will happen if I continue with it and try to start 2.5 later on?
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Post by julzcompufreek »

It will upgrade you previous 2.5 library to the new 3.0 Sql database. It is advised that you first backup your MediaMonkey.mdb file first, and then upgrade. Be advised that your library will be available in 3.0, but the database is not backwards compatible in 2.5, so if you make any changes in 3.0 Beta, you cannot have them in 2.5.
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