Problems converting from MM2.5 to MM3 b4

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Problems converting from MM2.5 to MM3 b4

Post by paulmt »

I had MM3 b3 on my Vista Home premium Laptop and had problems with it seeing all my tags. Out of 72gB I ended up with over 8gB without Album Art.

I synched my tags in MM 2.5 and have only 38 tracks that won't synchronise for one reason or another. All my tracks are MP3's.

I decided to give B4 a go and so clean installed MM 2.5.5 onto the laptop, imported my library from an external drive, copied my MM system files over and converted the drive id with onkel enno,s script and ran the programme for a while.
All tags were in place and playcount etc. up to date. Again only 38 tracks showed as being unsynched.

So prior to installing MM2.5 I uninstalled MM3 b3 using the uninstall.exe in the MM3 directory.

I ran the install for MM3 b4 and all went ok though I noted there was no prompt to run database conversion. I checked the tags and again well over 8gB of art missing, keep in mind I embed all my art using MM.
I realised that the uninstall didn't in fact remove all MM from laptop so I went after all references in the registry and and cleaned approx. 4 references out.
I uninstalled MM3 b4 and then re-installed again. This time the conversion did work, but again over 8gB of art missing and ratings all over the place and ion no way as they were in MM 2.5. Playcounts were converted over from 2.5 OK.

I am finding this very frustrating as I am aware others are not apparently having this problem.

Any suggestions?

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Post by rovingcowboy »

i don't remember and you did not say? but do you have the mp3pro plugin? if not get that from the monkeys download area and see if that fixes the tagging error? :o
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Post by bob61 »

I had same problem as you after uninstall and re-install of MM3 as I didn't get the prompt to convert the DB. Had a user point this out (no idea why either the install instructions don't bother to mention this -or- the uninstall doesn't properly clean up itself)....

Go into your directory Document and Settings -> {user} -> Local Settings -> Application Data -> Media Monkey and delete the MM.DB file. Once deleted re-run MM3 and you'll be prompted to convert.[/b]
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Post by harpagornis »

I installed MM3.... but

It seems that I don't have a MM.db. I searched all the harddrives and it's nowhere to be found. Could it be that this is because I put my documents and settings folder not on te C:/ drive, but on D:/ instead?
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Post by Guest »

I used dbupgrade now an I have a db file now. Where do I need to put this now? Or/ and do I need to reinstall Mediamonkey 3?
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Post by bob61 »

Anonymous wrote:I used dbupgrade now an I have a db file now. Where do I need to put this now? Or/ and do I need to reinstall Mediamonkey 3?
If you followed advice above, you would have deleted the .DB file and then run MM3 - it would have converted and placed .DB in correct directory (or follow advise above as to where the .DB is placed).
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