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MediaMonkey (Developer build)

Post by rusty » Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:28 pm


Here's a new Developer build of MediaMonkey 4. It includes ~ 40 fixes, however, it has not been tested extensively. Let us know what you think.

What's new? Download Installation:
  • Double-click the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions:
    -When prompted for an install directory, choose a new directory such as /Program Files/MediaMonkey4/ so as to preserve your existing MediaMonkey installation.
    -When prompted for path to shortcuts, choose something like 'MediaMonkey 4' so that you'll have shortcuts to both versions of MediaMonkey in your Start folder.
    -To test video encoding functionality (for formats other than WMV) or to play video formats that aren't working on your machine, you can install the MediaMonkey Codec Pack, available separately.
-The MediaMonkey Team
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MediaMonkey 4 Test Builds

Post by rusty » Fri Dec 24, 2010 3:58 pm

We're beginning a new round of testing for MediaMonkey 4. This is a major release that adds a lot of new functionality (feature walkthrough to come later this weekend) along with quite a few improvements and fixes.

The most recent v4 build will always be in the last post in this thread. To be notified of future builds, just subscribe to the thread.

During the pre-release testing period, we're going to post official Alpha, Beta, and Release Candidate builds, along with informal Developer builds:
  • Alpha builds are feature incomplete, and have undergone limited testing. They're for the adventurous among you.
    Beta builds are near feature complete and have undergone more thorough testing, but along with many known issues, still have their fair share unknown issues.
    Release candidates are feature complete, and well-tested, and should have all issues categorized as 'immediate or urgent' resolved, and have few unknown issues.
    Developer builds are used internally for testing and whose stability hasn't been verified. They are shared with hardcore testers so that there aren't long gaps between formal Alpha / Beta / RC builds.
With that said, here's our first MediaMonkey 4 Alpha build. Before you rush into downloading it, remember that it's pre-release software and contains a variety of changes that have not been thoroughly tested. The software is being provided for feedback and testing purposes -- please backup your data to protect against data loss.

Test Notes:
  • -If you have a MediaMonkey 3 Gold license, it will not activate the Gold functionality in version 4 (a lifetime license will, though)
    -The database format for version 4 is different than for version 3. When you install version 4, a new DB will be created, and your old one preserved for use with MediaMonkey 3. If you make changes in one DB, they will not be reflected in the other.
    -Scripts / Addons may not be compatible with version 4, nor will they be automatically migrated from your V3 setup.
Let us know what you think!

What's new?
  • 243 Added [Burning / Disc Handling] 'Secure' Ripping and New CD/DVD Playback engine
    3022 Added [Burning / Disc Handling] Blue Ray burning support
    6005 Added [Burning / Disc Handling] AccurateRip for verification of disc rips
    2242 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Data CD Burning: Warnings when path / file length exceeds specified parameters
    5422 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Cannot terminate burn that's in progress
    5786 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn: Provide option to choose 'Image type'
    5869 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn settings: If a CD/DVD already contains disc label then it should be pre-filled
    5906 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Ripping CD: Possible ripping slow-down after finishing of the first track
    6210 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Audio CD disc spanning cannot split one track accross multiple discs
    6305 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Freedb query automatically doesn't work sometimes in case of switching CD between 2 drives
    6323 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] CD Playback: transition between 2 audio CD tracks isn't fluently on some systems
    6443 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Burning Audio CD With Volume Leveling
    6643 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] DVD / Audio CD Play menus are available only in Auto-Play
    6250 Fixed [Codec] Use latest version of lame
    6635 Fixed [Codec] out_wave plugin cannot play multichannel audio in Windows 7
    6511 Added [Collections (Filters)] New Collections UI
    6777 Added [Collections (Filters)] View settings per collection
    6968 Added [Conversion/Leveling] Video conversions / resampling
    5704 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Use AAC codec in Windows 7
    6330 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] WAVE: 32Bit PCM and FLOAT can't be converted to FLAC
    5884 Added [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning errors should be logged
    5953 Added [DB/FileMonitor] Combine Add/Rescan and File Monitor functionality
    5631 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] It is not clear what "Clear Library" is going to do
    5690 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Inconsistent terminology: Accessible vs Available
    5767 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] File Monitor can show nonsense text in status bar
    6058 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Maintain Library selections are not remembered
    6241 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] 'Maintain Library' doesn't fix some DB inconsistencies
    6453 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Infer video metadata from files
    6464 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] "Remove Unavailable tracks ?" dialog appears unintenionally
    6544 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Pressing 'Insert' while on a Location > Samba node doesn't transfer correct path to Add/Scan Folders dialog
    6629 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning of UPnP server metadata to local database
    6789 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] DB Update from MM 3.2.2
    7029 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning sometimes fails to terminate
    4577 Added [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Ability to set Played Values Manually within Scripts
    4578 Added [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] PlaylistInsertTrack, PlalistInsertTracks and in SDBSongList Insert Method
    4867 Added [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Installation of extension can't be aborted
    4976 Added [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Extensions: Support for Additional browser header info
    6320 Added [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Framework: Retrieve URL data
    3702 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Extensions: Cleanup/Support for non-Admin installation of plugins
    4492 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: OnChangedSelection event is called more than once
    4912 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Non-Admin users can't install scripts
    5637 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] MsgBox and CommonDialog from scripts are always modeless
    6235 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] New scripting method to convert non-ascii characters
    6242 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Add new 'StartTime' and 'StopTime' GET/LET properties to ISDBSongData
    6247 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Add/Remove image don't generate OnTrackProperties event
    6248 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Ability to add a custom Page to the Track Properties Dialog
    6258 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SpinEditEvent OnChange is not fired consistently (skinned)
    6337 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Setting SDBUILabel.Common.CursorType doesn't work if parent control is Form (skinned version only)
    6457 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] " escaped incorrectly in CVS export script
    6709 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] OpenSQL & CreateFolder errors are not handled with On Error
    6752 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Automatize process of MMIP installation in case of locked plugin DLL
    5910 Added [Framework: Skinning] Dropdown object should be configurable/skinnable/resizable
    6488 Added [Framework: Skinning] Ability to superimpose text on the seekbar
    6507 Added [Framework: Skinning] Context-sensitive buttons for the player
    6508 Added [Framework: Skinning] Spectrograph in Volume Bar
    6539 Added [Framework: Skinning] Numerous enhancements for skinners
    6558 Added [Framework: Skinning] Allow "whole row" highlighting for the tree
    6605 Added [Framework: Skinning] Custom Collection Icons
    5880 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] Volume indicator stays highlighted in some cases
    6222 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] Dark skins: set text to black for yellow/grey background (auto-organize)
    6228 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] Glided Skin: Media Properties do not Align correctly
    6536 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] Disabled icons display poorly
    6556 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] Main tree plus/minus sign transparency
    6601 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] Panel border behavior is inconsistent
    6602 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] First navigation toolbar icon should be changed
    6607 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] Skinning: Player ratings should support transparency
    6614 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] New graphic for unknown video Art
    6677 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] Tree isn't drawn based on skin settings in Add/Scan dialog and Auto-Sync list dialog
    6688 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] menu022 icon doesn't work correctly
    6704 Fixed [Framework: Skinning] Popup display/transparency issues
    5697 Added [Framework: Tagging] Tagging AVI files
    5788 Added [Framework: Tagging] Tagging WMV/ASF files
    6679 Added [Framework: Tagging] Tagging for MP4 video
    6686 Added [Framework: Tagging] Tag field: Parental Rating
    5885 Fixed [Framework: Tagging] Auto-tag from filename does not work with <Conductor>, though it is a provided option
    6251 Fixed [Framework: Tagging] Tagging an image to FLAC files sometimes fails
    6339 Fixed [Framework: Tagging] Failure to read m4b tags
    6385 Fixed [Framework: Tagging] Custom date formats not read and displayed
    6425 Fixed [Framework: Tagging] FLAC "Description" tag not read
    6739 Fixed [Framework: Tagging] Video Mapping Tweaks
    5222 Fixed [Help / Docs / Localization] Context help for Download Podcasts to:
    5275 Fixed [Help / Docs / Localization] Context tooltip: 'Show Album Art' string isn't clear
    5276 Fixed [Help / Docs / Localization] Context help: 'Forward to previous view' is confusing
    5791 Fixed [Help / Docs / Localization] Play Now context help is inaccurate
    6420 Fixed [Help / Docs / Localization] Default double-click action tooltip has typo
    6470 Fixed [Help / Docs / Localization] Update credits for MM4
    6563 Fixed [Help / Docs / Localization] Remove Tips at startup
    6257 Fixed [Hotkeys] Pause/Break key can't be used as hotkey
    679 Added [Install/Config] Option to disable the splash screen
    6042 Added [Install/Config] Improved options for OS integration: file types / AutoPlay / Context Menus
    6510 Added [Install/Config] Playback Rules should be unique per file Type
    5040 Fixed [Install/Config] MM3's DB and INI location causes problems for roaming profiles
    6137 Fixed [Install/Config] Empty HKCU\Software\Songs-DB key created by installer
    6373 Fixed [Install/Config] Installer: Add ASX extension to be checked by default
    6549 Fixed [Install/Config] Video Files should be associated by default
    6588 Fixed [Install/Config] Default Art & Details View Settings by Type
    6710 Fixed [Install/Config] Non-Admin users can't install plugins
    3636 Added [Main Panel] Art Browser view
    5925 Added [Main Panel] Tabbed views
    6574 Added [Main Panel] Track Browser Configurability Per Collection
    6579 Added [Main Panel] UI Simplification: Remove 'Views' from Collections Options
    5868 Fixed [Main Panel] Useless track drop offered
    6497 Fixed [Main Panel] Per Tab persistence of navigation bar/tracklist content is incorrect
    6545 Fixed [Main Panel] Art View Performance / display issues
    6570 Fixed [Main Panel] Tracklist tooltips should display more content
    6591 Fixed [Main Panel] Art View and Art + Details view don't scroll smoothly
    6678 Fixed [Main Panel] Columns change when MM 3.2 is used together with MM 4.0
    6963 Fixed [Main Panel] Art Views sometimes fails to show Art (or show single image for multiple video files)
    6964 Fixed [Main Panel] Playlist should use a view based on their content
    628 Added [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Configurable Shortcuts bar
    5120 Added [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Custom Icons for Toolbar Customization
    6468 Added [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Auto-DJ button with Options
    6495 Added [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Combination Play button
    6505 Added [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tabs
    6512 Added [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Context-sensitive Toolbars
    2746 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Aero visuals for MM
    3189 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Too difficult to hide a column
    3279 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] back and forward mouse buttons should work for navigating
    4791 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] New Playlist option Missing from sub Playlists in Send to...
    5114 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Properties of some tree nodes are available In Context Menu (Regression)
    5472 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Navigation toolbar buttons sometimes expand subnodes and other times don't
    5619 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Underline shortcut char is missing from 'Open URL or File' menu (regression)
    5641 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Time tooltip on Seekbar do not disappear
    5645 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 'Unorganized tracks' should be 'Unorganized Tracks'
    5689 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Play Menu accelerators are missing / overloaded
    5691 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Send to > Export to .m3u Playlist text is clumsy
    5831 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Shortcuts toolbar missing handle
    5867 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Multiple track drop at/near selection messes-up
    5970 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] "Focus tracklist on currently playing item" does not work in AA + details view
    5978 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Unskinned version: cosmetic improvements for better integration with Win7
    6015 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] CTRL Drag & Drop Mouse icon should indicate 'copy' rather than 'move'
    6048 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Metadata tooltips appear in a single line of text (spanning multiple monitors) when very long
    6217 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Some shortcuts are inactive while editing or typing into search bar (regression)
    6230 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Blue Glass skin: Selected text doesn't get highlighted in quick search
    6240 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] MM adds unnecessary tag info via My Computer node
    6269 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 'My Documents' folder more than once in Location node
    6370 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Filters: Do not work correctly in some cases
    6383 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Custom date format does not display properly in MM
    6503 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Change Tree Shortcuts toolbar default settings
    6554 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Net Radio: Double click on Shoutcast/Icecast open Web tree listing
    6761 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Device sub-nodes aren't removable
    6938 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] AA View doesn't offer useful context menus
    6949 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1155 Find more from Same > Year mislabelled
    6960 Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Clicking 'Collapse the tree' changes the view
    6472 Added [Now Playing] Now Playing Window should be aligned with tracklist window
    6487 Added [Now Playing] Improved Album Art / Details dialog
    6534 Added [Now Playing] Auto-DJ is always active - even when it shouldn't be
    6571 Added [Now Playing] Title summary should vary dependent on content Type
    6572 Added [Now Playing] Per Type Playback Rules for Auto-DJ & Track Addition
    5771 Fixed [Now Playing] Now Playing Copy Commands (Burn / Sync) don't apply to selection
    6450 Fixed [Now Playing] Loading more than 10000 tracks to Now Playing can freeze UI for several seconds
    534 Added [Other] Ability to share / stream library to other machines (UPnP / DLNA)
    1293 Added [Other] Download Manager
    5464 Added [Other] No icons in "Rollup" menu (to change to mini/microplayer)
    5817 Added [Other] Windows Media Audio Redirector .WAX file format support
    6238 Added [Other] XSPF Import/Export
    3360 Fixed [Other] Use single internet access library instead of TIE + Indy
    5426 Fixed [Other] Name of Unleveled-Node is confusing.
    5710 Fixed [Other] MP3 files get classified as Podcasts
    5780 Fixed [Other] Edit Filter And View Options dialog inconsistencies
    5854 Fixed [Other] 'Play in MediaMonkey...' explorer menus should be optional
    6202 Fixed [Other] Slightly faster loading of DLLs
    6299 Fixed [Other] Move C:\hpCDE.log to Local App data folder
    6434 Fixed [Other] Pressing Esc key in Error dialog doesn't close the dialog
    6446 Fixed [Other] Unskinned: PopUpInfoPanel does not show ampersand ( & ) character
    6526 Fixed [Other] Splash screen hides confirmation dialogs
    6568 Fixed [Other] Reduce number of background threads
    513 Added [Player] Add Video support to MediaMonkey
    6276 Added [Player] New sleep action: close program
    6469 Added [Player] WASAPI output plug-in as default, with a fall-back to DS
    2964 Fixed [Player] Add 'Stop after current' command
    5458 Fixed [Player] Firewall blocked stream access makes Player unresponsive
    5584 Fixed [Player] Seekbar tooltip can persist over other windows
    5919 Fixed [Player] Equalizer doesn't work for 32 bit samples
    6204 Fixed [Player] out_MMDS can fail to output audio in same cases
    6243 Fixed [Player] Some MP3 tracks show Length 0:00 although WMP shows the correct length
    6266 Fixed [Player] Spectum isn't shown properly for >44kHz tracks
    6271 Fixed [Player] Winamp: IPC_GETRATING Compatibility issue with some plugins
    6291 Fixed [Player] Milkdrop causes MM crash while debugging
    6292 Fixed [Player] Spectrum for visualization plug-ins isn't correctly generated by MM
    6295 Fixed [Player] Online Radio playback: Player Events are not trigered when track name is changed For Radio Station stream
    6307 Fixed [Player] MM hangs when trying to play network files that are blocked by firewall
    6498 Fixed [Player] Loading large auto-playlist can interferre with playback
    6618 Fixed [Player] Player seek bar shows time in incorrect format
    6703 Fixed [Player] Microplayer popup overlaps with regular popup
    1320 Added [Playlist / Search] New default autoplaylist for 'Tracks added within 30 days'
    4242 Added [Playlist / Search] Add support for .m3u8 (UTF-8 encoded playlists)
    5215 Added [Playlist / Search] Implement sort by DATEAdded (not DateTimeAdded)
    6022 Added [Playlist / Search] Advanced queries: Several Date fields can't search by specific date
    6509 Added [Playlist / Search] Playlists should display using appropriate view settings
    6642 Added [Playlist / Search] Search Dialog needs to be updated to support Collections
    5770 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Search for 'Any text field' should read 'Any text fields'
    5775 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Search nodes are sometimes created unnecessarily
    6088 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Advanced search: no criteria for 'channels'
    6203 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Track paste can go to wrong position
    6226 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Character "ü" not found by "u" in search
    6283 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Send to > Playlist doesn't work properly in certain instances
    6327 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Incorrect case for AutoPlaylists criteria window
    6387 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Old "Send to" playlist history entries persist after deleting playlist
    6389 Fixed [Playlist / Search] MM can freeze when user tries to remove a playlist including hundreds of child playlists
    6451 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Selection of tracks can change playlist order
    6455 Fixed [Playlist / Search] [-22 as search query causes crash
    6577 Fixed [Playlist / Search] New Settings / Improved search mode defaults
    6721 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Search dialog isn't video fields ready
    6868 Fixed [Playlist / Search] Search 'Entire Library' node fails in some cases
    6197 Fixed [Podcasts] Change default podcast directories
    6231 Fixed [Podcasts] OPML export script doesn't include initial XML tag
    6263 Fixed [Podcasts] Podcasts: Containg XML Formatting Unicode descriptions are not Imported correctly
    6329 Fixed [Podcasts] Better handling of podcast feeds with temporary wrong links
    6366 Fixed [Podcasts] Podcasts: Support for "itunes:duration" metadata
    6608 Fixed [Podcasts] Updating podcast progress bar is no longer needed
    6742 Fixed [Podcasts] Podcast UI issues
    1334 Added [Properties/Auto-Tools] User should be able to reset Played/Last Played values
    4955 Added [Properties/Auto-Tools] Ability to easily get rid of Non-Ascii characters when writing files
    5130 Added [Properties/Auto-Tools] The <Extension> mask evaluates to cda when ripping
    6176 Added [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Web: Ability to tag Title without tagging Track#
    6237 Added [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties: Add new 'Start Time' and 'Stop Time' fields
    6246 Added [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add 'Skip Count' / 'Last Skipped' columns
    6935 Added [Properties/Auto-Tools] Video metadata lookup
    1765 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Amazon: generates incorrect Artist info for Various Artist CDs
    2165 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] 'My Computer' node infers properties of tracks that are already in the DB
    4410 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tags (all attributes) are written even nothing is changed in Properties.
    5290 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Illegal characters explicitly entered for filenames aren't prevented
    5904 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tag guessing from filename fail when track# is three digits
    6245 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Web: request is sometimes throttled
    6290 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Set Destination Wizard do not work correctly when used with specific complex Masks
    6314 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Edit 15,000 tracks fails
    6394 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Automatic generation of video thumbnails
    6435 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add video properties
    6467 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Error loading Album art properties when there lots of high res images
    6502 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Ability to modify Type
    6565 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Genres list should only show Genres used within a Collection
    6680 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Introduce new masks for new fields
    6698 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Mass Edit of non-music file types
    6975 Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Track properties: Tab order is incorrect
    6492 Fixed [Skins] Large icons for common devices
    6701 Fixed [Skins] Microplayer Popup: Now Playing doesn't display correctly (regression)
    6625 Updated [Skins] Vitreous and Pulse skins (thanks to nohitter, dreadlau, and DreadM)
    2937 Added [Synchronization] Auto-Sync: Isn't useful for selecting some types of Music (e.g. classical, unsubscribed podcasts)
    4823 Added [Synchronization] Synch to Android phones
    5404 Added [Synchronization] Configure prortable Device still takes too long and freezes MM (Optimization)
    6233 Added [Synchronization] Soundcheck support for Album Gain
    6255 Added [Synchronization] Ability to change m3u format for portable devices
    6317 Added [Synchronization] Better support various types of devices for synchronization
    6490 Added [Synchronization] New Sync UI
    6491 Added [Synchronization] MTP Devices should use root folder for in-place configuration
    6632 Added [Synchronization] Aspect Ratio conversion configuration improvements
    6640 Added [Synchronization] Device Profiles
    6983 Added [Synchronization] Improve speed of MSC devices working under d_WMDM plug-in
    6995 Added [Synchronization] Add detailed USB ID to Device Profile
    2615 Fixed [Synchronization] MTP Synchronization is MUCH slower than it should be
    3210 Fixed [Synchronization] Audio files are deleted when they shouldn't be deleted
    3374 Fixed [Synchronization] Autosync List Filters don't actually filter tracks
    5857 Fixed [Synchronization] MSC auto-sync fails to delete emptied folder
    5886 Fixed [Synchronization] 'Del' key doesn't always force deletion of an artist when browsing iPod
    5933 Fixed [Synchronization] Playlist Sync: Linux Folder separator
    5940 Fixed [Synchronization] Auto-Convert: CDA auto-convert rule should be added to the default rules
    5981 Fixed [Synchronization] Tracks purchased directly to iPhone don't show up in MM interface
    6091 Fixed [Synchronization] Converting track on sync do not update status bar and MM looks stalled
    6201 Fixed [Synchronization] Podcasts release date isn't shown on iPhone/Touch 3.x
    6219 Fixed [Synchronization] Synchronization errors should be logged
    6275 Fixed [Synchronization] Playback fails for some MTP devices
    6282 Fixed [Synchronization] iPhone/Touch: Unrated tracks do not sync back to MM
    6285 Fixed [Synchronization] Blackberry sync
    6324 Fixed [Synchronization] Some devices don't show after connection in MM
    6397 Fixed [Synchronization] No scrollbar in auto-sync list tab when using larger font size (skinned version)
    6431 Fixed [Synchronization] Tracks from the sync list that didn't sync appear on device
    6441 Fixed [Synchronization] High CPU utilization during playback off of iPhone
    6444 Fixed [Synchronization] Write only one album art file to a folder
    6581 Fixed [Synchronization] Add default video auto-conversion rule
    6594 Fixed [Synchronization] Device Config: Some CheckBox UI Objects are transparent
    6622 Fixed [Synchronization] Synchronization configuration improvements
    6631 Fixed [Synchronization] Auto-conversion configuration improvements
    6639 Fixed [Synchronization] Fixes to auto-conversions
    6651 Fixed [Synchronization] Device content isn't scanned automatically after MM start
    6662 Fixed [Synchronization] Set default video auto-conversion settings for iPhone/iPods
    6663 Fixed [Synchronization] Device cannot be configured while 'updating' is in progress
    6664 Fixed [Synchronization] Default auto-conversion settings for MTP devices
    6748 Fixed [Synchronization] iPhone/Touch: Synchronization can fail in specific cases
    6762 Fixed [Synchronization] Unplugging iPhone while its content is being scanned => crash
    6990 Fixed [Synchronization] Windows Media Audio V1 is not supported for auto-conversions
    6994 Fixed [Synchronization] Some device don't have Eject button
    6575 Added [Tracklist] Different content Types should have different Properties window layouts
    6794 Added [Tracklist] Publisher Mask, Publisher Column and Tree Node are missing
    6017 Fixed [Tracklist] Classification and sub-node fail to show tracks
    6187 Fixed [Tracklist] Copy/Paste of thousands of tracks --> lethargic UI
    6277 Fixed [Tracklist] Data type of the File Size field should be int64
    6547 Fixed [Tracklist] Persist view settings
    6623 Fixed [Tracklist] Art & Details View: fails to refresh sometimes
Download Installation:
  • Double-click the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions:
    -When prompted for an install directory, choose a new directory such as /Program Files/MediaMonkey4/ so as to preserve your existing MediaMonkey installation.
    -When prompted for path to shortcuts, choose something like 'MediaMonkey 4' so that you'll have shortcuts to both versions of MediaMonkey in your Start folder.
    -To test video encoding functionality (for formats other than WMV) or to play video formats that aren't working on your machine, you can install the MediaMonkey Codec Pack, available separately.
-The MediaMonkey Team
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