A few questions

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A few questions

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8.) could you provide a list of genres for music files that are used for the new musical "type" in MM4? I remember seeing it somewhere in mantis, but it could be helpful in forum/FAQ or MM4 help (f1). Also, maybe the (new) paths used by MM4 might be helpful in the FAQ thread.

9) I always wanted some small sized, customizable information on a song shown like it is optionally shown above the album art window now. Thanks. But I have to admit the design seems somewhat ... simple or not designed and therefore alien to the neat new MM4 look. But I can't offer a better idea. Maybe someone else does. See the following issue, also:

10) I would love to open the properties dialogue in a tab, i.e. pinning it there or something (add-on?). Actually, a list of properties like shown in the (complete) tooltip info on a song (if activated); just not as a tooltip but a permanent window. @tabs: maybe permanent tabs as an option like the new apps tabs in Firefox might be nice 8)

Thanks for your comments!

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Re: A bunch of possible bugs and needed help

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http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewto ... ?f=6&t=341

Rusty wrote:Thanks for helping to test MediaMonkey! This note is for anyone who wants to report a beta bug. It provides a few basic guidelines that'll help us resolve bugs as quickly as possible:

...If you find a new bug that hasn't been reported, please report it in a new topic so that it is easy to find and track bugs in the forum. If the issue appears to be another instance of a previously reported bug, please add the information to the already existing thread.
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Re: A few questions

Post by rusty »

8. In MM 4.0 there are 8 hardcoded Types: Music, Podcast, Audiobook, Classical Music, Music Video, Video, TV, and Video Podcast. During the scanning process:
- Audio files are added as Type=Music except
. - they're added as 'Audiobook' if Extension=M4B or Genre contains 'Audiobook' or 'Audio Book'
. - they're added as 'Podcast' if Genre contains 'Podcast'
. - they're added as 'Classical Music' if Genre contains 'Classical'
- Video files are added as Type=Video except
. - they're added as 'Video Podcast' if Genre contains 'Podcast'
. - they're added as 'TV' if Genre contains 'TV Show', 'TV Series' or 'Television'
. - they're added as 'Music Video' if Genre contains 'Music Video'

The 'Type' attribute determines how individual files are handled. e.g.
How files are Played:
- Whether Bookmarking is enabled
- Whether Shuffle mode is ignored
- Whether Crossfading is disabled
- Whether Auto-DJ is active

How files are displayed:
- The fields displayed in the Properties dialog
- The descriptive text for any track that appears in the Player and Now Playing (Summary) column
- The descriptive text for any track that appears in Art Views

How files are synced:
- What categories they're browsable through on an iPod

In contrast, 'Collections' are fully customizable. They allow you to segment your library based on specific criteria (e.g. Type=Classical Music), and determine the manner in which multiple files are displayed in the File List. e.g. which columns are displayed, in what sort order, and whether Art and or the Column Browser are shown.

Playlists display files based on the Collection settings associated with their constituent files, though this can be edited at any time via the Playlist Properties.

Other nodes such as 'Search' or 'Entire Library' display files using generic settings.

Note that Collections don't necessarily map 1:1 with Types since Collections can have files of multiple Types (e.g. Collection='Family' may contain both video and audio files, or the Collections 'Kids Music' and 'Contemporary Music' may both contain files of the type Music, but have different display settings).

9. The Art & Details Window certain could be improved. If anyone has any ideas that wouldn't involve new strings or major changes at this stage, I'm open.

10. Re. Properties as a tab: great idea. Something to consider for 4.1...

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