Freez - AutoSync IOS 6.1

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Freez - AutoSync IOS 6.1

Post by natakk »


since i have upgraded my iphone 4 to ios 6.1 i have troubles with MM.
when i plugin my iphone and autosync begins to work MM is hanging. (error report is mailed yet)

i'm using the newest MM beta version from this board.

has anyone the same experiences than i?

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Re: Freez - AutoSync IOS 6.1

Post by nohitter151 »

No, i have iPhone 4 which I recently updated to ios 6.1. No problems syncing to it with MM 4.0.7. I have some issues syncing to it with 4.1, but not a hanging problem.
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Re: Freez - AutoSync IOS 6.1

Post by Ludek »

Could you try with build 1624 and if it is still issue, generate debug log, item 4b) here: ... ?f=6&t=341

Thank you.
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