Almost all lyrics prefaced by "Ad"

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Almost all lyrics prefaced by "Ad"

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Not sure if this is an issue with Beta or with lyric downloads in general, since I only have the Beta installed on my computer. Lyrics download (both with "autotag from web" and when downloaded from the art and detail view) are, all of the sudden, including the letters "Ad" in the first line of the lyrics. In other words, if first line should be "If I had a hammer," this is now downloading as "AdIf I had a hammer." Can fix this by going into properties and editing, but that is obviously time consuming.

I've tested with about five different albums now, so am confident that issue isn't limited to a particular cd.
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Re: Almost all lyrics prefaced by "Ad"

Post by Lowlander »

The latest MediaMonkey 4.1 release fixed it for the internal lyrics downloader. You'll need to check with any Lyrics Addons to see if they have updates for the problem.
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