[1714] Can't play any transcoded audio track over UPnP

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[1714] Can't play any transcoded audio track over UPnP

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I am trying MMW Betas since a lot of time and never had a problem. I am trying 1714 build now, Windows 8.1 Pro x64.
Actually, I have setup BubbleUPnP Server, which is an addon to the (MMW) UPnP server on my home machine (installed as a service) capable of both authenticating and transcoding tracks on demand, letting me decide the bitrate I want them transcoded (or not) to, simply within its client. There is a very handy Android BubbleUPnP app for accessing my library on the go and a PC Tethering Client. It authenticates, provides target bitrate settings, and replicates an UPnP Server on the network of the Client machine so every UPnP client can access it, I tried MMW and WMP. The streaming urls generated are plain HTTP with no authentication, dinamically created each time.

I would like to stick to MMW on my laptop to play my library, but I have a major problem: non-transcoded tracks (flac, usually) are played correctly, but if I try to set the client transcode options (mp3, 192kbps) I can't get any file to play with MMW, it just gets unstable and somehow stuck all the way skipping tracks without playing anything. WMP instead behaves OK with both transcoded and lossless tracks.
I downloaded the debug version and DebugView and done a log.

I feel like MMW isn't capable of understanding the right content of the file if it has the wrong extension. I have reported an issue with videos here http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewto ... =1&t=77929 and it seems the problems are somehow close, but much worse with audio because every other application works instead. In fact, transcoded tracks are presented by the server with the .flac?bitrate extension of the original file, while they are mp3s, example link:

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however, I can play these streaming urls with any other player: VLC, WMV, Firefox, Chrome, The Xbox Music app, etc...it's just MMW hanging.

Complete log is available at: