Deleted songs stay in the view [#12361]

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Deleted songs stay in the view [#12361]

Post by jcoons72 »

I'm having a lot of sync issues with an iphone 6 plus with IOS 8.1.1. The biggest issue I'm having is removing playlists from the phone doesn't update the view. I have to go into the music app and click the file and then it gives me a red circle with a square in the middle for the track. If I close the app, then reopen, it will have track deleted, but all the others are still there even when they aren't on the device.

I'm also finding that when syncing multiple playlists, sometimes the playlist isn't added to the device. The tracks are, but the playlist is not.

Anyone else seeing these issues?

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Re: [1722] Deleted songs stay in the view

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I sometimes experienced the same, to be fixed as
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