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DLNA/UPnP Limitations

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:50 am
by TheMartyJoy
Hello All,

I recently decided to upgrade Media Monkey on both the DLNA server and my workstation. The latest Beta Build was installed. There are some parts of the DLNA that seem to work better (listing all tracks for example); however, I'm facing an issue that kind of comes and goes. I've seen it in previous versions, and I've also seen it work properly as well.

If I want to build a playlist based on genra MediaMonkey just hangs when I tell it to send to new playlist. So I went and created the playlist ahead of time and tried to send all the songs from one genra to it and it still just hangs media monkey. Is there a limit to how many songs can be in one playlist? MediaMonkey can pull all the songs from the DLNA server (much faster then previous versions I may add and more responsive when navigating through all the selections), I can scroll up and down in the file list and all seems well but as soon as I try to send it to a playlist it just freezes MediaMonkey. If I have a song playing (and more songs queued to play after it) once the playing song is over the next song doesn't load. MediaMonkey just shows as not responding in windows task manager. The memory usage creeps up slowly but surely but eventually hits a point where it's no longer going up and MediaMonkey is still not responding.

I wouldn't be surprised if my problem is purely related to the size of the selection (about 9700 tracks); however, I had success doing this before in previous versions. I've also seen previous versions hang the same way the latest beta does :/

I can provide logs if requested I was aware I would be testing this and made sure to install the debug version of the latest Beta on both machines.

Sorry to keep bugging you guys about my DLNA woes. Thanks in advance for your time.

Re: DLNA/UPnP Limitations

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:11 pm
by Lowlander
Are you sending the files from another DLNA server to a Playlist? Are those files already scanned into this clients Library? Is the freeze permanent or temporary?

Re: DLNA/UPnP Limitations

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:21 pm
by TheMartyJoy
From DLNA to playlist on worktation. Files are most likely not on the workstation MM DB (I've yet to find a fast way to add all files from DLNA to workstation MM DB). Freeze appears to be permanent... at least a good 20 minutes so far with nothing changing.
Memory usage has capped at 124, 328 KB and hasn't moved in a long time.

Edit: Just in case this information helps you out somehow. The DLNA had no open sessiosn to the workstation (netstat -ano) when I opened mediamonkey.exe on the server connections were made between the DLNA server and the workstation, when I closed mediamonkey.exe those connections stayed open; however, mediamonkey.exe on the workstation is still hung up and hasn't moved at all.

Re: DLNA/UPnP Limitations

Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:13 am
by TheMartyJoy
It appears I can actually make MediaMonkey crash if I just try to load a larger data set, for example if I try to get it to show me ALL my music files from the DLNA server it will go not responding and actually crash. I will redo this and submit the crash report.

Edit: Error Log has been submitted. Side note I've tried to sign into helpdesk to open a ticket but it won't let me sign in. Even when I can wsign into the forums. I've reset my password and it's still not allowing me to sign in.