Wanting improved "Now Playing" info export

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Wanting improved "Now Playing" info export

Post by JoePublic »

I use the WinAmp AMIP plug-in to export info from my "Now Playing" track to a .txt file. When a new track starts playing, the txt file is overwritten with the new song's metadata, and that is exactly what I want it to do. It works fine but it is kind of limited in what info it will export. It provides Year, Song Title, and Artist (all of which I want), but I'd REALLY like to have the composer field as well. And yes, I need it written to a text file and not directly fed to another app (like Skype) or service (like Last.fm).

Does anyone know of a plug-in or other method I could use to accomplish that? I've searched but come up empty. Thanks!
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Re: Wanting improved "Now Playing" info export

Post by Peke »

Here is small Auto Script I use to print CD Covers, It can be easily modified to export any MMW field you need and available in scripting.
Here is what it is available http://www.mediamonkey.com/wiki/index.php/SDBSongData

Code: Select all

Sub OnStartup
  Set OpenInSpekButton = SDB.UI.AddMenuItem(SDB.UI.AddToolbar("Player Tools"), 0, 0) 
  OpenInSpekButton.OnClickFunc = "Tracklist"
  OpenInSpekButton.UseScript = Script.ScriptPath
  OpenInSpekButton.Hint = SDB.Localize("Tracklist")
  OpenInSpekButton.Caption = SDB.Localize("Tracklist")
End Sub

Sub Tracklist(arg)
Dim i, i2, LST, trackl, trackstr
set trackl = SDB.Tools.FileSystem.CreateTextFile("c:\temp\Tracklist.txt", True)
 i2 = SDB.AllVisibleSongList.Count - 1
 For i = 0 To i2
   Set LST = SDB.AllVisibleSongList.Item(i)
   trackstr = Right("0" & i+1 & ". ", 4)
   trackstr = trackstr & LST.ArtistName
   trackstr = trackstr & " - " & LST.Title
End Sub
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