MM4 Artwork Description Being Deleted

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MM4 Artwork Description Being Deleted

Post by dypsis »

This is only minor, but I thought that I would report it.
I don't update to every Beta, so I am not sure when it started happening.

If I am tagging artwork with MM4, I always add something to the description field.
But I have noticed lately that if I re-visit the artwork tag at a later time, the first artwork description has been deleted.

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Re: MM4 Artwork Description Being Deleted

Post by Erwin Hanzl »

If you have the addons "MonkeyRok"or "Magic Nodes" or
"RegExp Find & Replace", consider my answer to be pointless.

Look at my signature. This is the basic information needed to clarify your problems.

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When I embed a photo directly, it works too.

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