Error Message "Canvas does not allow drawing" in v

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Error Message "Canvas does not allow drawing" in v

Post by Julian »

Sometimes after I have used MM, an error message ("Canvas Does not allow drawing") appears when I try to edit music.
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Canvas error message

Post by AmazingChicken »

Ya know, that's just what I was going to say. Every so often, while I am updating a bunch of tags, I get this error. What up with that? :roll:

If ya know, share....thx.
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Post by Lowlander »

Are you using the last version of MM (

What version of windows are you using? And please include some system specifics if possible in a bug report.
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Post by LiOo »

This message can appears on other application when you have install Acdsee software (whithout all the otion of the powerpack) I don't know if it's that but perhaps it's a first verification...


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