mouse scroll wheel

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mouse scroll wheel

Post by sn0skier » Wed Nov 07, 2007 3:22 am

I activated number pad controls, and now when scrolling through the library window, occasionally my mouse scroll wheel will turn the volume up and down, but occasionally it does what it is supposed to. It's split about 50-50. I tried changing the number pad controls to num lock off, and it still happens.
Logitech mouse and Dell keyboard, both USB. weird problem.

Ok so I just realized that it happens no matter what the number pad settings are, including off. It didn't happen until I turned number pad controls on, but now it happens whether those controls are on or off.

Last edit I promise. Occasionally instead of changing the volume, it will change where I am in the song. But only very rarely. This is the weirdest problem ever.

Ok one more edit. Maybe more.
MM gold
Windows Vista Business
Logitech USB HID-complaint mouse with scroll lines set to 6
Usually only happens after editing tags (more specifically editing custom field #1 which I have changed to disc #)
I also have recently changed my setup in MM so that the player window is not showing. I don't know if this matters, but I know the mouse scroll wheel is supposed to change the volume when you put the cursor over the volume control.

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