Start up: OBDC Error

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Start up: OBDC Error

Post by Globi »

When I start MM, there is an errror message: Es gab ein Problem beim Abfragen der Datenbank: 42501:(Microsoft ODBC Microsoft Access Driver) Tabelle 'Devices' ist bereits vorhanden . (Table Devices already exists).
If I hit cacel MM starts.

I reinstalled MM already a few times.

I also tried to install MDAC 2.8, then there is another error message:
MDAC 2.8 RTM ist mit dieser Version von Windows nicht kompatibel. Alle Funktionen sind zurzeit Teil von Windows.

My System WinXP SP2, AMD Sempron 3.1+, 512 RAM

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Post by musicfreak »


maybe this might help: ... =odbc+mdac

Warum hast Du deutsche Treiber und Betriebssystem und stellst die Frage nicht im deutschen Teil??

Well, maybe the new 2.3 will solve the Microsoft problem.

Otherwise: ... =odbc+mdac

Use the Debug version to generate a log file to send to jiri.


Post by Globi »


Thanks for the links.

I posted in here, because I thought this is a "bug" therefore it is better here, than in the german forum.

I cannot install MDAC as I wrote before.

I cannot start MediaMonkey Debug. "Media Monkey cannot find "neroburn.dll". Allthought I have Nero 6.5 installed, there is no such file on my pc.

With MediaMonkey 2.2 everything worked fine.


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