1261 - Ratings tag inconsistency

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1261 - Ratings tag inconsistency

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In My Db, i use an external program to read ratings tags (Squeezecenter) and i started getting funny results where it started reading 2 star stuff as 1 star. I investigated by using mp3 tag to look at what was being created by mediamonkey. i noticed it was inconsistent. E.g. when rating 3 star it would show up as 3.5 in mp3 tag. then when rating 2 star it would then use the popularimeter tag which is different.

From what i understood i thought MM was using 0,20,40,60,80,100. where 100 is 5 star etc and 20 is 1 star. This is inconsistent at the moment. so in summary using mp3tag to look at the tags created i've created a column which looks at the ratings MM then one to look at the popularimeter. My old rated files not edited are in the MM format now i'm getting them in the popularimeter format. I need consistency, and if MM has changed we need a script to update the existing ratings.

What could be happening. has something changed recently?