CD track info automatically lost in seconds [#6422]

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Re: CD track info automatically lost in seconds [#6422]

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Lowlander wrote:After MediaMonkey 4 final is released.
Any guesses how far away we are from that date?
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Re: CD track info automatically lost in seconds [#6422]

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No, dates are not given, but much progress has been made as it is in the Release Candidate phase.
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Re: CD track info automatically lost in seconds [#6422]

Post by ZenGeekDad »

ZenGeekDad wrote: ... So, until the promised land of MM v.4 finally appears, I think I will do this:
(1) If MM finds no track info,...
(2) Open a separate audio ripper (such as Cowon's JetAudio), and enter track info there
(3) upload that track info freedb (in JetAudio)
(4) Return to MM, and add/rescan these newly ripped tracks into MM...
I know MM4 is finally out, so this thread is dead for many users. But I owe the topic one last update:

The process I described above -- to get around the bug in uploading track info from MM3 to freedb -- was NOT satisfactory. Beyond the pain of working in two music managers, the info I would upload to freedb from any other music manager would not appear in freedb for a minimum of 24 hours! Ripping CDs becomes a major pain with a 24+ hr pause between steps 3 & 4 above.

So, I gave up on doing my civic duty of contributing track data to freedb.

(I will be upgrading to MM4 soon; just haven't had the time to do that carefully. With a massive library of highly organized and tagged songs, I won't do the migration without first studying it and taking some time-consuming precautions.)
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