Smooth scroll issues in certain places

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Smooth scroll issues in certain places

Post by stan9980 »

Smooth scrolling works in most of MediaMonkey, for example Music Explorer Tree, drop-down menus, however there are a couple of exceptions:

1. Album art view.
2. Album art with details view.
3. Lyrics tab in the track properties window.

When attempting to scroll in these places it takes numerous rolls of the scroll wheel before it jumps suddenly.

In the comment field of the track properties window, smooth scroll seems over-sensitive. The smallest possible movement of the scroll wheel will cause a 3 line scroll of the text.

I can reproduce these issues at will. They only occur with my smooth scroll mouse, with a standard mouse scrolling works as expected in all situations.

I have tried adjusting the mouse settings to no avail.

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit), MM and the latest IntelliPoint 8.0.225 driver.

Let me know if more information is needed.

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Re: Smooth scroll issues in certain places

Post by sirandar »

I concur .... the exact same problem occurrs with my install ................MM3 1300, win7, microsoft intellipoint, MS Laser mouse 7000
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Re: Smooth scroll issues in certain places

Post by Dreadlau »

Yes, I noticed the same annoyances.

Mediamonkey needs some improvements in this area.
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