Shuffle != random

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Shuffle != random

Post by JF »

Shuffle seems to work only when it wants to. And when I mean "work" I mean serve it's purpose of playing songs at random.

Every second song is from the same artist. Sometimes it'll play 6 songs consecutively from the same artist. This is beyond frustrating :x

My library is big enough and diverse enough for me not to hear the same song play 3 or more times in 30 minutes.
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Re: Shuffle != random

Post by Mizery_Made »

It should be noted that if you stop playback or play a new file then the "Shuffle list" is reset. There are other options available to you as well. Instead of Shuffle, you could right click the now playing list and "List -> Randomize list" which serves a similar purpose. There is also the Auto-DJ feature which I myself have been using for about a year instead of shuffle (I used to queue up my entire library and play it on shuffle. Was a headache when starting the program and such... Auto-DJ is much more convenient as it allows random play from a selected playlist and such... without having 12,000 or so files in your Now Playing list that has to be read when you first start up the program).
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Re: Shuffle != random

Post by Lowlander »

How many files do you have in the Now Playing?

Shuffle is true random and thus repeat artist plays are to be expected.

Shuffle appears to display non-random behavior

Post by DroidFreak »

There are two primary features I want in a music player. The first is support for multiple genres, and MediaMonkey is one of the only music players I know that has it. The second is the ability to have a random shuffling of songs. You wouldn't think that would be rare, but it really is and I'm getting the suspicion that MediaMokey's shuffle isn't random (with no option to disable the non-random elements).

Specifically, it seems to prioritize songs from the same album as songs that were recently played. For instance, I played one track a couple of time earlier this week and the next 2 random song it chose were from the same "album" (It's actually the Newgrounds audio portal "album" which isn't a real album but MediaMonkey doesn't know that). It's not entirely possible that this happened at random, but with only 12 songs from that "album" in my library of 800 the odds are slim of it happening by chance (over 4000:1). Since then I have noticed some similar tendencies that make me fairly sure that MediaMonkey is in fact tailoring the shuffle algorithm to music that it thinks I like (based on very spotty/incomplete data). What I would actually like is for it to just pick songs at random (unless I tell it not to).

Is there any way to disable the non-random shuffling behavior? I can't find anything in the settings. If not, is there an addon (or could someone make one) to disable it? It's an incredibly simple request since it's basically just shortcutting the the complex bureaucratic shuffle mechanism and hooking me up with a track chosen via a simple RNG instead.
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Re: Shuffle appears to display non-random behavior

Post by Lowlander »

MediaMonkey uses true random, which means similar/same files can be repeated. Although statistically rare it can happen. Do make sure you're using the latest release.
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Random play not random !!

Post by Polop »

I use MM for two years and, now I'm using 4.1.22 version.
I listen music from a 1700 pieces music library and I use random mode.
I note a problem with thih mode.
Some pieces of music (or author) are often played and other never.
Some time, in the same day, a song can be playing two or three time.

I think MM have a bad management of random mode.

Someone already note this problem ?

What can I do to improve this playing mode ?

Thanks for your help.

(Sorry for my bad english)
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