Not properly closing burned CDS

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Not properly closing burned CDS

Post by azblk »

Several cds I have burned with version 4+ are not closing properly. They burn process completes with no issues but when i play back these cds, they play fine till the end of last track then seem to skip until cdplayer errors out. I know it is not my burner because I have tested using other software and did not get this issue.
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Re: Not properly closing burned CDS

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I get that too
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Re: Not properly closing burned CDS

Post by kshanholtzer »

I get that, too. MM Windows 7 64 bit.
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Re: Not properly closing burned CDS

Post by rovingcowboy »

how much room do you leave on the cdrom? are you filling it with music right up to the last 3 seconds ? or do you leave 2 or 3 minutes to the end of the cdrom blank?
i suggest using the latter one and leave room for it to write the index on to the cdrom with ease instead of trying to cram it all in 3 seconds of space which it i won't do.
plus the cd's will start messing up if there is too narrow of a gap between the songs. i've seen everything from skipping the last 3 or 8 songs to replaying the last song over and over, all because of too many songs on the cdrom. i've been putting no more then 18 or 20 songs on a cd with 2 seconds of blank space between them and 2 minutes of blank at the end for the index's use..
this works well on all the cheap cd players or non computer cd players because the cheap ones might not reach to the end of the cdrom for the last few songs.

also try the simple thing first find a cdrom drive cleaning kit and use the disk they have to clean the lens off. who knows sometimes it is the simple things that work. 8)
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