Permanent font color issue in "Art & Details" area

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Permanent font color issue in "Art & Details" area

Post by Viper21 »

I was unable to find an official bug report/thread regarding the font color issue in the "Art & Details" area. For at least MMv3 and v4 the font color in this area is always black, which makes it impossible to use with dark skins. :-?
I think read somewhere a long time ago that this is a problem with the design of MM.
I really hoped that it was going to be fixed in v4. :( I was wondering what the current status is? Is it ever going to be fixed in the near future?
In the meantime, does anyone know if it possible to change manually in some .ini or other file?
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Re: Permanent font color issue in "Art & Details" area

Post by monkey hi fi »

the area of the font's you mentioned as a long ago old post, is the one i believe was a windows issue where they stopped allowing changes to the fonts in that area of the theme skin. because that was also a font they wanted to control for some system thing. if they changed their minds then we might be able to change that font again, i'm not sure because i don't make skins for mm 4 in win 7 or win 8. and those are the only two chances they would have changed their minds in.

maybe nohitter151 or dreadm or eyal or one of the other skinner's know if they can now change that font.

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Re: Permanent font color issue in "Art & Details" area

Post by nohitter151 »

Still hasn't been made available for skinners, see:
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