Version does not wirelessly sync with MMA Pro

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Version does not wirelessly sync with MMA Pro

Post by jcfogerty »

I just updated MM4 Gold (running on Windows 10 with anniversary update) to version, and now my MMA pro app ( will not sync my phone to my PC via wireless. Everything else appears fine.

First, I tried searching for UPnP servers on the Android device . No servers are found, even though they are showing available under MMW options: "Media Sharing and Wifi Sync." Wifi sync fails.

Then, I connected the Android device directly to the PC, unchecked/applied, then rechecked/applied "Grant remote/sync access" for the Android device. That did not help either. I restarted the Android device and restarted Windows 10 and tried the above again. No help.

The Android device manually syncs correctly only when (1) it is directly connected and (2) "Grant remote/sync access" is unchecked.

I tried turning off my Windows firewall in case it was a firewall conflict/issue, but that did not help either. I also have Plex server installed. I tried disabling Plex under advanced firewall options and that did not help either.

BTW, the instructions in the thread "How to report a bug" should probably be updated to address wireless sync/android app bug reporting. One part says:
iii) For an MTP device, please generate a log of the device's internal structure using the following tool:
What is an MTP device? Also, the file WMlog.exe does not run in Win 10. Apparently there is a missing dll for that file. Does this have an installer?
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Re: Version does not wirelessly sync with MMA Pro

Post by Lowlander »

As you're on MediaMonkey for Android you should read it's bug instructions: ... 21&t=72208

MTP is a USB connection protocol and should be the one in use for Android devices: ... oid_device
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