Syncing via USB cable to Android phone

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Syncing via USB cable to Android phone

Post by Herbert454 »

I must be crazy spending more time on this.

I'm having a go at syncing to a naked micro-SD card rather than to my Samsung Note 2 phone containing the micro-SD card. Here's what I did...

I removed the micros SD card from my phone and plugged it into my Windows desktop computer. I reformatted it, checked that the MMW file Locations were set to \Music and synced two playlist. All worked well, so I put SD card back in my phone, start MMA and set the location of my music to \Music and all is good. I can see playlist and music as I expect and it plays correctly.

So I then remove the card from the phone, plug it back into the computer, start MMW and check the file locations under Sync Options. Now I see that the root directory has changed to Android\data\\files.

So the next time I sync I have stuff strewn all over the place, some under \music and some under Android\data\\files.

What is going on?
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Re: Syncing via USB cable to Android phone

Post by Lowlander »

It depends on your settings and Android version (a few old versions forced a specific Path). You can set where files are synced in the Device Profile.
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