Translations not coming through

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Translations not coming through

Post by uitje30 »

Okay, this is really weird...

Dutch translation is finished and no longer beta, but using MM, I do stumble upon some inconsistencies that should be dealt with.

But, I seem unable to change some translations.

This is what happens.

I have 3 strings that need a change. When I change all 3 of them, only one is coming through, the other 2 are unchanged. Even when I re-install MM and do everything all over, only the 1 change is there, the other two are not. I even made a make-up change to confirm this and yes, that change did make it into the .mo-file, the other two are still the old version.
Now, when I search in the translation program online for the two strings that need a change, they are nog there. When I search for the new translation, I find them. When I then download the .mo-file and rename it to, I do find the old translations (2) and not the new ones. The dummy translation is there as well.
So, I don't seem able to get rid of two translations that are wrong (well, not really wrong, inconstant with the rest of my translation).

What is going on here?
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Re: Translations not coming through

Post by rusty »


First of all, thanks for your work on the Dutch translation!

To answer your question generally: when a translation is made in Weblate, it doesn't immediately get transferred into the latest MM build. What happens is that before a new build is generated, we'll export the strings from weblate into an MMIP file and posted to our web server. Then when the new build is installed and the language is chosen in the new build, the updated MMIP file will be installed. So if a string change is made in weblate after the MMIP files are generated, it won't be reflected in MediaMonkey (until the next set of MMIP files are created for the next MM build).

Note: if, as a translator, you want to test the newest string changes you've made _before_ a new set of MMIP files has been generated, you can do by manually by following the steps in 'Testing your translation' of the MM5 translation instructions.

In your case, you've already tested the .mo file, so I'm not sure what the issue is. Can you tell me the 3 specific strings that are causing problems so that I can try to replicate the issue?


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