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MediaMonkey 2.2 Beta 3: you can now change icons yourself

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2004 4:08 pm
by rusty
Just a quick note to anyone interested in customizing their icons or contributing new ones for inclusion with MediaMonkey:

Beginning with MediaMonkey 2.2 Beta 3, it is possible to easily change default MediaMonkey icons with new custom icons.

All thats needed is to create a /Icons directory sub to /Program Files/MediaMonkey and place all MediaMonkey icons in it. The icons should all be named as they are in the file which is linked below:

To customize the icons, just edit any of the icons in the /icons directory, and restart MediaMonkey. Your new icons will appear.

Note: the icons in are currently a bit of a mess, and not documented very well. If you're familiar with MediaMonkey, though, you'll quickly figure out which icon is associated with which portion of the UI. This will be better documented after the release of MediaMonkey 2.2.