Need your design made?

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Re: Need your design made?

Post by Peke »


AEON looks amazing, but it is MediaCenter like app not manager app like MM (actually I'm thinking to try it on my spare PC and see how it goes).

On other hand some aspects of WCR Foobar skin can be used to create MM skin, but to confirm that we would need to wait MM 4.0 to see what new features are brought with Updated Skin Engine and Petr. I've seen few early screenshots which looked amazing.
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Re: Need your design made?

Post by idrayang »

i love a soccer club S.S LAZIO from italy..
hope you can make me a skin with LAZIO as theme!


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Re: Need your design made?

Post by Head »

Hi, I'm a new guy in town here :-) so....
I'm trying to make a fresh new skin for MM3xx but nothing gives! To stupid perhaps....
I found out the "fast newbie's skinning..." from RovingCowboy and I thought it was gonna be simple but yeah.
Some explanations are in fact simple but I don't have a clue what some of the files mean or what they should become.
Like that theme engine.exe file???? How does it happen when some files are zipped and edited and then rezipped to a msz file???? WTF
I'm trying to make a very simple skull-skin. with some black and white and red colors.....
Like those stupid beatles could sing "Help I need somebody Oh help!"
Can we make a deal here or can somebody send me a very simple layout to skin the MM3 in lame words no richy sofisticated PC languages??????
Or if needed you can contact me on
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