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skinning images

Post by rovingcowboy » Mon Jun 01, 2009 7:36 am

i mentioned it in a few other replies to some other posts. but i thought i should give it its own post.

okay what i have done is taken the png files i have made for use in my skins either i have used them or just made them and changed my mind on using them. but these are the ones i thought would be best for use by other skinners if you wanted to use them. the other images i made are only for certain skins and would not be ones that would look good in any other skin. so i only gave you the best for other skin styles.
the images include the vu meter avs effect ones i just did. if you want to make a vu meter on your own skin.
and they include the gold record, the duce coupe, the guitar, lobster, and others.
they are in a zip file on my mmip site with my skins. and the other two zip files. the URL is ... px/.Public

just click on the icon for the file you want to get. then click on the download link, enjoy. :lol: 8)
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