Problem skinning images shifting right at minimum resize

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Problem skinning images shifting right at minimum resize

Post by ElmoFuntz » Sun Jul 21, 2013 3:58 pm

I could not find a skin that met all my desires so I decided to try modifying the closest one which was MetroMonkey by DreadM and while it's been fun figuring out how everything works i've become a bit stumped as to how to fix this problem I am now having. I've got a good idea what is causing it just not how to fix it.

The player looks fine when MediaMonkey is not sized down to it's smallest size but when I got below the size set for the player it is shifting the right hand images to the right. This continues for 16 pixels then MediaMonkey will not resize any smaller.

This one is ok (click to see the full images)
This one is not

I took the original player which he had sized for 1024 and increased the size to 1140 as I wanted 2 420px panels and a middle 300px panel. To do this I also created new bitmaps 2 420px panels and a panel I am using 15px on for the resizable middle portion. The panels are set to left panel position 0, width 420px, holder panel left position 420 width 300, right panel left position 720 width 420. As long as I keep the MediaMonkey app width at 1156px or higher everything is great (at this width the docked player panel is 1140px) but MediaMonkey is letting me resize it (the app) down to 1140px which shrinks the player down to 1124px and moves the volume slider over to the right. I can't figure out how to make this stop.. I even tried setting the playerbackground element to 1156 and the frame to 1140..

Ignore the stuff with the double time and their positions that's all stuff I am still messing with. Right now my only issue is the volume slider on the far right being pushed off to the right on resize.

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Re: Problem skinning images shifting right at minimum resize

Post by rovingcowboy » Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:53 pm

Find the player.INI file it is the images location settings you need to adjust, make sure all images do not shove the ones on their right to the right of the player.
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