Need Magic Nodes arguments 4 multi-album, unknown, orig year

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Post by ZvezdanD »

http://solair.eunet.yu/~zvezdand/MagicN ... 5.0.1b.vbs

Here is a new version of the script with a removed bug with Custom fields sorting. Could you try it, please?

About a problem with Blues genre, I don't know what is a reason for that, but it is definitely not this specific genre, because it works fine to me. I think there is something in connection with specific data in your database and I suggest that you send MM.DB to me, so I can look on it. You can use some free hosting server as Thanks for your involvement in this.
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Post by doubleij »

I tried tonight on MM2.5 and MM3. I ran the sort by script and received the same errors in both programs. So something is still wrong...

I have the mediamonkey.mdb file ready to send you, but I need your email address to do so. YouSendIt requires that I specify a destination email.

Could you private message me your email?

Thanks for working with me on this.
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Post by ZvezdanD »

Yeah, this was easy when I got your file. You could take a new version of the script with removed bugs from my thread.

Thank you very much for your help.
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Post by Darryl_Gittins »

I had a similar error after I upgraded to MM 3. I'd get an error something like this:
"there was a problem querying the database" "select distinct"

(Sorry I don't have the full message!)

The problem was that in MM s.5, I had renamed the custom fields, and that renaming did not migrate to MM 3. The solution was to correct the refference to the custom fields in the script.

Hope this helps someone!!
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