podcast subscription links + firefox -> sent to MM

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podcast subscription links + firefox -> sent to MM

Post by AltairJr »

I know this isn't exactly a MM issue, but i'm trying to get firefox to open podcast subscription links and 'send' them to MM. I'm used to just copying and pasting the link or using the non-itunes rss feed link - but some podcasts use the address that starts with itpc://{subscription link} and MM can use those just fine; my problem is some podcasts only have a javascript (or something like that) link that doesn't give me address to copy

I know I might have muddled what I was trying to explain but if anyone could make enough sense to help me that would be great.
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Post by Ludek »

MM accepts podcast links posted from firefox to subscribe.
Maybe the best would be if you bring in a concrete example which doesn't work for you.
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