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Re: ZuneSkin [v1.6]

Post by nohitter151 »

dbdog wrote:Hey nohitter151,

I'm totally lovin' ZunesSkinSlim!!!!!! I'm not skilled enough to tweak it myself so I humbly make the following requests for you to consider for your next version:
1. Having some way to see the time remaining in the track would be nice. Either clickable time to toggle between elapased and remaining or something. I like the itunes style but I realize there isn't space at either end of the song scroll bar to place the elapsed and total time at either ends.
2. A button to turn the now playing panel on and off in the player would be useful to me.
3. In the track browser window when I pick a genre and then pick an artist the genre selection stays active but the highlight color disappears unlike other skins (eg. Guilded (default skin)). This one may be a bug.
4. I'd love to see what album is playing in the player.
5. The highlight color (orange) is pretty hard to read on my monitor. I wonder if others find the same thing.

Thanks again for your fine work on this.
1. Sure, I'll change this (do you mean in the floating player?)
2. Do you mean in the floating player? That button is already there (above the volume control)
3. That's because of the way I have the selection set up. You'll notice that I only change the font color and not the selection color. There isn't really anything I can do about it without adding a selection color (which I don't want to do)
4. I never added this because the original Zune software didn't have it. I'm not sure there's enough space for it
5. It seems fine here..
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Re: ZuneSkin [v1.6]

Post by rovingcowboy »

5. is a crt or flat panel issue.
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