BPM not being interpreted correctly (Magic Nodes)

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Post by LeCook »


We still need an integrated BPM count thingy though.

There's http://www.bpmdetectorpro.com/ that does a pretty good job at it. Pascal, the main developper, is rather friendly but, alas, has no interest developing for MM.

Now, how do we get to "move" the BPM value that was thus saved into the ID3 comment field into MM's BPM field?

Post by Guest »

BPM Analyzer does the job perfect on MP3 files since it writes to the tag:
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Post by limex »

I just went to their homepage.
Do I understand this right that BPM Detector Pro isn't writing to ID3v2 BPM Tags? Do they only rename the filename?
LeCook wrote something about the ID3-coment field that has the BPM info.

I'm Confused.
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Post by Bex »

Try BPM Analyzer instead as suggested in the post above yours!
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Results of Mixmeister BPM Analyzer is often wrong!

Post by limex »

The reason why I was interested in BPM Detector Pro is that I am currently using Mixmeister BPM Analyzer, but I'm not convinced about the results.

I don't know if it is a general issue when analysing mp3s of specific genres, speeds, ... or if it is an issue that only Mixmeister BPM Analyzer has.

I find Techno Tracks listed with a calculated BPM of 60!
On the other hand I find Ballads with a calculated BPM of 160!

Is there a general rule when Mixmeister BPM Analyzer is generation proper results and when not?
Does it depend on the Genre?
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Error on permissions

Post by Kevinowpb »

Get an error that I dont have permission to open this vbs file...

i ignore.. then..
error 13 mismatch error...

? whatsup?
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Post by nohitter151 »

What vbs? Usually vbs script files are stored in the \Mediamonkey\Scripts or \Mediamonkey\Scripts\Auto folder, not opened and run.
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Post by jonp »

limex - I am also not convinced about the results of Mixmeister BPM Analyzer. Did you find a solution for using Mixmeister BPM Analyzer or did you find a better solution?
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Post by Big_Berny »

Well, it just happens that MixMeister or any other BPM Analyzer detects double or half BPM, because it doesn't know wich is the most important beat. But this happens with every BPM Analyzer AFAIK.
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Post by ReverendEntity »

Guest wrote:just so you can know what style of music is what according to this key.

VerySlow BPM between 0 and 56 = lots of kids songs fit this one like the song : ten little indians

Slow BPM between 57 and 82 = some blues and jazz but this is almost too slow for them.

Moderate BPM between 83 and 145 = some Jazz and blues but it is almost too fast for them. most country and rock and roll and disco.

Fast BPM between 146 and 200 = most marches and bluegrass breakdowns are around 120-155 bpm's which are here.

VeryFast BPM faster then 200 = breakneck acid rock and people on rocket ship speed songs. very few of these songs are around as they tend to give the drummers heartattacks.
An alternate way of looking at it, just for phun:

VerySlow BPM between 0 and 56 = ambient music (i.e. Global Communication, Brian Eno), noise (i.e. Merzbow)

Slow BPM between 57 and 82 = some trip-hop/downtempo/ambient with beats (i.e. Portishead, some things on Ninja Tune)

Moderate BPM between 83 and 145 = most things will fall into this range: pop, rock, dance, jazz, blues, world music.

Fast BPM between 146 and 200 = in addition to bluegrass, most drum & bass and psychedelic trance will fall into this range.

VeryFast BPM faster then 200 = more recent drum & bass tracks, gabber/hardcore techno/speed metal.
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Re: BPM not being interpreted correctly (Magic Nodes)

Post by mistresso »

Theoretically with BPM Detector Pro, you *could* use the option for writing the BPM to the filename itself. One could do this and then use an appropriate mask in "Get tags from file name" to get the BPM back out.

I find the program rather hard to use though - the interface is clunky and doesn't even remember the previous folder I was working in when navigating my file structure. And it shows VERY little information; for example, I'd at least like to see the existing BPM value! I know it's fairly cheap shareware, but it FEELS cheap. And there's been almost nothing done to it for several years... the demo definitely does NOT write to the tag.

Has anyone else looked at beaTunes? It requires an ITunes db, as do most BPM detectors, but it has built in functionality to half/double the findings as well as do tap-outs. It's pretty slick, and the author is working on a verson 2.0 as we speak. His in-progress copies of 2.0 are free to download and test via the blog/news, but expire in 2 weeks. It also will have a Key finder in the next version.

Honestly what the community NEEDS is for the bpm to end up as a common field/tag shared stored on the public databases we all use, so we're not all doing the same work over and over. I know Revolution was trying to do this, but again only with THEIR database, only used by other people with Revolution.
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Re: BPM not being interpreted correctly (Magic Nodes)

Post by rovingcowboy »

audacity has a beat finder feature just import your ogg mp3 or wav in to it like your going to edit it.

select all and then use the beat finder in it to find the beat for the one song. write it down on notepad if you don't want to add it to the song. then just close the song with out saving anything it does not do anything to the file you import from. so you still have the same quality of mp3 or ogg or wav you had before but now you know the beat per minute for it.

just one song at a time is a bummer. still you could find the beat for a style of song, and then use that script in the script forum that is for setting the bpm and the one setting the tempo, the ones i re modded to work on my 98. then you will be able to select all the songs of the same style you know the beat for, and set them all to the same one with that script.

not a fully automatic way of doing it but it will be faster then one song at a time. :D
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Re: BPM not being interpreted correctly (Magic Nodes)

Post by Kilowatt »


after reading your Post on my search for some Script to make Tempo-Tags from BMPs i found nothing to work with the new MediaMonkey Version.

I took some Ideas from other Scripts and here is my result :

Code: Select all

Option Explicit

Sub SetTempo
REM "Very Slow" for BPM between 0 and 56
REM "Slow" for BPM between 57 and 82
REM "Moderate" for BPM between 83 and 145
REM "Fast" for BPM between 146 and 200
REM "Very Fast" for BPM > 200
End Sub

  ' Define variables
  Dim list, itm 

  ' Get list of selected tracks from MediaMonkey
  Set list = SDB.CurrentSongList

  ' Process all selected tracks
  For i=0 To list.count-1
    Set itm = list.Item(i)

    ' Check the BPM and set Tempo
    If (itm.BPM < 40) Then itm.Tempo ="Sehr Langsam"
    If (itm.BPM >= 40) and (itm.BPM < 82) Then itm.Tempo ="Langsam"
    If (itm.BPM >= 83) and (itm.BPM < 145) Then itm.Tempo ="Moderat"
    If (itm.BPM >= 145) and (itm.BPM < 200) Then itm.Tempo ="Schnell"
    If (itm.BPM >= 200) Then itm.Tempo ="Sehr Schnell"
    ' Clear the other Tags if you want    
    ' itm.Quality = ""
    ' itm.mood = ""
    ' itm.occasion = ""
  ' Write all back to DB and update tags
Maybe somebody can use the Script. I tried it today with all my MP3s. It took some time, but worked :-)


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Re: BPM not being interpreted correctly (Magic Nodes)

Post by paulandreas »

hey, Kilowatt

I get an error trying to run your script.

I am by no means an expert in scripts, that's why I ask here :)

The error reads:
"Error #500 - Microsoft VBScript Runtime error
Variable is undefined: 'i'
File: "C:\Program files\Mediamonkey\Scripts\Auto\Temposetter.vbs",line: 18, Column: 6
Do you have any solution to this?
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Re: BPM not being interpreted correctly (Magic Nodes)

Post by bouyancy »

paulandreas wrote:hey, Kilowatt I get an error trying to run your script.

I am by no means an expert in scripts, that's why I ask here :)

The error reads:
"Error #500 - Microsoft VBScript Runtime error
Variable is undefined: 'i'
File: "C:\Program files\Mediamonkey\Scripts\Auto\Temposetter.vbs",line: 18, Column: 6
Do you have any solution to this?

You need to add i to the end of the define variables section like this

Code: Select all

' Define variables
  Dim list, itm, i
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