New IPOD Shuffle - 4Gig

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New IPOD Shuffle - 4Gig

Post by Hanzo »

Just purchased the newly released shuffle and I'm having some issues transferring music. Once I transfer music to the shuffle, disconnect from laptop, and try to listen to the music, all I hear is the automated voice that's loaded on the unit that says to use itunes. Anyone else having issues with the new shuffle? Any ideas on why this isn't working? Thanks.
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Re: New IPOD Shuffle - 4Gig

Post by nohitter151 »

As its a new iPod it may not work yet with MediaMonkey, the Dev team will need a number of weeks to add support for it and a new version of MM will have to be released to support it.
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Re: New IPOD Shuffle - 4Gig

Post by germanjulian »

keep in mind that the new shuffle is very different in how it works with its library and how it plays songs and organizes them so the "voice" feature can be used.... I think it will take anyone weeks to sync anything to that little box.
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Re: New IPOD Shuffle - 4Gig

Post by Music Diva »

Well hopefully they are working on it and will have something ready by summer. I really don't want to use iTunes. Even if it may not work with the voice function, as long as playlist sync will work, I'm happy.
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Re: New IPOD Shuffle - 4Gig

Post by jiri »

I have just finished implementing support for this new Shuffle, even including the voice support. It will be included in the next release, until then feel free to test it from

Note that you can choose the voice of reader in Device Configuration dialog.

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