PlayAlbum 1.2 [MM3] 2009-09-06

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Re: PlayAlbum 1.1 [MM3] 2009-05-23

Post by declan »

Is there a way to use this script so that it plays tracks in track number order.
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Re: PlayAlbum 1.2 [MM3] 2009-09-06

Post by onenonymous »

Script is updated

Version 1.2 Sept. 6, 2009 Installer for v 1.2
- Added menu to the Play Menu in the main toolbar
- Added feature to sort results by Album Name, then Disk #, then Track #
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Re: PlayAlbum 1.2 [MM3] 2009-09-06

Post by jkforde »

Hi onenonymous, I use PlayAlbum all the time so very big thanks!

One feature suggestion: have the script to automatically turn off AutoDJ when you click 'Clear and queue next' - so a scenario would be I'm playing the library with AutoDJ and Random on; I come across a track and want to listen to the whole album; I click the track in Now Playing and click 'Clear and queue next' and just the album tracks are listed (AutoDJ is turned off by the script so MM doesn't line up any additional tracks; I don't mind about the random part).

I know it's only a one-click effort to turn off AutoDJ on the player but scripts are all about automation right! :)

Anyway, thanks again for the script, it should be a core part of MM IMHO!
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