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Post by VicWard »

I love one thing on ITunes: "album-piles" - all your music sorted by album artist

When I have 10 albums by one artist I can have one icon for him. If i click it I see all his albums, click on a album I see the songs on that album. Thats a pretty nice function especially when you have a lot artists with several albums.

The track browser is ok, but it doesnt look that nice and I could use the plain win explorer instead. But a big thing (a least for me) is browsing through albums.

So it would be a cool thing if I could sort my albums by the artists and "enter the next level" by clicking on a artist-cover etc.

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Re: "album-piles"

Post by franrafa91 »

I Second this!!!

This is the only thing that Mediamonkey is lacking comparing it to other media players! I would be really grateful if this was available in future releases. The problem with the actual way of getting to an specific album of an artist is that I have to go to the library tree (at the left of mediamonkey), which doesn't bother me, but it would be much better if an "album-pile" took me to the artist view. Also, if mediamonkey had this feature I could sooo convince my friends to change to mediamonkey. As i'm saying, it's the only thing it's lacking!
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Re: "album-piles"

Post by heartofhate »

i would support this.
i was questioning this in a different forum already. it would be really nice if this feature would come with the 3.3(??) version :P
a lot players i used have this function; except for media monkey. :roll:
i wonder why there isn't any addon made for this yet
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Re: "album-piles"

Post by matthewhargrove »

I too would really appreciate this. My brain still organizes my music by artist then album. Being able to flip through my collection and have better access by album would be great. The album "piles" that other media organizers use is a great way to do it. If Monkey's navigation in this regard be cleaned up a bit, it would continue to move the program to perfection.

In that perfect world, I'd like a view where I can see piles of all artists' albums. When I click on an artist's pile, it would then expand to show all the albums by that artist in chronological order in its own window or simply expanded within the piles of other albums. Either way, I should be able to click "back" and re-pile that artists' albums and be back in the original view.

When the individual albums are displayed, I'd like to add the whole album it to the playlist with a double-click on the album cover, or open the album to see all the songs (and other info) with a click on the album's name.

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