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Music Apps

Post by Diplomat »

What music apps are you using on iPhone and iPad?

This Day in Music is the daily guide to music facts, history and trivia.
See what was No.1 on the day you were born. ... 44365?mt=8

Freestyle 2.0 is like a mobile recording studio with a notepad, instrumental library, rhyming dictionary for all budding rappers, and vocal recorder. You can capture your creativity whenever inspiration strikes.

Killer Beats App contains 40 of the best drum beats known to man!
For each beat you can view song info, drum tablature and a video of the beat being played. ... 06815?mt=8
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Re: Music Apps

Post by cesarcain »

amandasmith wrote:Now I just use my ipad as a controller for my DAW, and to make music I use my computer, lesson learnt ! I will not buy any other synth or sequencer for ipad for a long time.
I only use my computer
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Re: Music Apps

Post by jmsmrtn98 »

The first music app I bought when I got my iPad. I really liked iSequence, but over the past year it's gotten a little long in the tooth, and the developer has seemingly cast it aside in favor of working on Sunrizer. I still have hope that it'll get some attention in the near future. :)
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Re: Music Apps

Post by Kate Kate2 »

Freestyle is the best one to me..
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Re: Music Apps

Post by MrHomerS »

as for me ApleMusic and GoogleMusic one of the best ones and not expensive
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Re: Music Apps

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