rating button in toolbar? [#7606]

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rating button in toolbar? [#7606]

Post by hintergrundrauschen »

I'm missing the rating/stars button in the toolbar (to easily rate a whole bunch of songs). MM3 did have it. MM4 standard toolbar has got the "send to.." button (same entry as the one you can find in the context menu of a selected song). But even the toolbar customization dialogue doesn't offer the rating/stars. Is there a way to get it there?

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Re: rating button in toolbar?

Post by nohitter151 »

No, looks like it's gone. In MM3 it was called the "Categorize" toolbar.
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Re: rating button in toolbar? [#7606]

Post by Peke »

Re Added as http://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=7606 It was useful toolbar in MM3.
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Re: rating button in toolbar? [#7606]

Post by onkel_enno »

I'm missing the Categorize-Toolbar too.
Hopefully it will find its way to MM4 again.
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Re: rating button in toolbar? [#7606]

Post by Lowlander »

In 1368 you can recreate this toolbar.
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